While late summer can be a bitter sweet time we welcome September with open arms.

We will continue to harvest our herbs, late berries, Jerusalem artichokes, along with other vegetables. It’s exciting to think we are going to be gathering wild cranberries from the bog again, and continuing to collect wild bay leaves from the forest.

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of summer surrounded with the lush green herbs, the fragrance of the lavender in bloom, the deliciously fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and the berries ripening. The swallows and Monarch butterflies, along with so many other insects and birds played gracefully throughout the gardens while we went about our day. The past few months were a magical time here at Inner Oaks. So many amazing guests made appointments to join us.

While we appreciated the moments in real time the spring and summer still went by quickly. We offered lavender experiences, where our guests enjoyed a tour of Inner Oaks Nursery; they connected with the bees on a soul level, picked a bouquet of fresh lavender to bring home, and finished with a tasty
lavender dessert and beverage on the covered veranda over-looking the river. 

In addition, we hosted culinary experiences incorporating our fresh herbs into creative tasty dishes to be enjoyed by all.

Our guests enjoyed the tours of the nursery, going from head to heart which gave them a unique perspective, while on site. They visited our Inner Oaks gift shop, picking up fresh potted herbs, dried herbs, pottery, honey, floral waters, and homemade soaps. 

Our guests were invited to connect to Mother Earth by earthing barefoot on the grass and stepping on the little rocks at the river. A grounding technique used by many. Those who took advantage of this opportunity enjoyed it immensely. 

We are happy to have hosted our very first Soul Boost day, where we brought in facilitators in yoga, breathing, meditation, journaling, and sound therapy.
We booked up quickly, and had a fantastic day of connection to the universal energies. It included a plant based luncheon with tasty salads, fruits, breads and desserts.

We also hosted our very first Acadian luncheon experience, which included homemade fish cakes with house chow chow, rappie pie, baked beans with pork scraps, creamy fish chowder with seared Digby scallops, warmed molasses oat bread, sweet rhubarb custard, and finished with making a traditional blueberry grunt.

We are grateful that we receive follow up thank you e-mails on a regular basis. It lets us know the guests had a good experience. It was the Soul Boost and the Acadian experience we received an abundance of positive feedback. That makes me happy, that so many of our guests are appreciating their time here
with us. We shall have to offer both of them again in 2023.

September begins to cool off in temperatures here in Nova Scotia. While most plants begin to finish their growth cycle, many are still growing. We continue to dry herbs, and package them for the gift shop.  Look for our new tea blend available this coming spring. 

We’re looking to offer a fall harvest experience. Once the information is ready it will be posted on our Inner Oaks Holistic Approach Experiences FB page.
We are also still taking private culinary experiences for groups of 6 or more. We close for the season mid November, and re-open the last week in April, 2023. If you would like to visit the gift shop reach out and we will set an appointment time for you to visit us in Quinan, NS.

We can be reached at laurastastes@gmail.com
for inquires.


 Thank you for joining us here in this space. Hope to see you soon.

- Laura Muise

Proprietor of Inner Oaks




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Lili M. Muise

2 years ago

Do you produce lavender oil? I have read that it helps with anxiety which I have been experiencing. If you have it for sale let me know, I would love to purchase some and any info you have about the subject would be helpful.


2 years ago

Hi Lili We do not, but it is readily available at health food stores. We grow lavender and we do make floral waters which are nice to spray on the face and body