By the time August arrives here at Inner Oaks, we have already been harvesting our herbs, berries, leafy green vegetables and lavender.

August can be a peaceful month here at Inner Oaks. While the lavender season has passed, and the garlic harvested, the grapes leaves are lush and over flowing, and the gardens are full. We continue to harvest herbs and dry them for the winter months. Over June and July we have offered many fun culinary experiences that included a meal, along with a spiritual aspect with much gratitude for Mother Earth.

Be sure to read our other blog posts on whats coming up in August that you can join in on. For the month of August we offer - 
Tour of the Nursery - then Tisane and Dessert

Visit Inner Oaks and have a personal mini
tour of the Nursery. Explore the Inner Oaks gift shop,located on site. 

Then make your way to the covered veranda and enjoy a chilled house iced tisane, along with a garden inspired dessert of the day - The covered veranda overlooks the nursery and the Quinan River.

This personal experience takes place from 10:30 a.m.
to 12:00 p.m. or 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. rain or shine from June the 1st until August
31st, 2023. By appointment only. Min of two people. Cost of experience is $34.00 + hst. 

Custom dates are available throughout the month of August upon availability for a minimum of two people.

To register for this or one of our culinaries to take place at Inner Oaks Holistic Approach Experiences in Quinan, N.S. Please reach out on e-mail to to

secure your spot. Our experiences have limited space. Always a good idea to sign up early. 


As always - much gratitude! 

We can be reached at
for inquires.

Thank you for joining us here in this space.


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