JULY has arrived. This month is an exciting one with the lavender in bloom. I believe we speak for many of our guests that are visiting this time of year by saying this...

"The violet and purple hues of the delicate lavender flowers warms ones heart, bringing on the feeling of love, satisfying one's soul on the deepest level."

— Laura Muise · Proprietor Inner Oaks

Lavender Bouquet Experience

Enjoy a guided mindful walk through the Inner Oaks nursery. Take in the views of herbs, vegetables, edible flowers and berries, as we follow our nose to the lavender garden! We will connect with the bees, as they go about collecting their daily nectar from the lavender, along with sharing lavender growing insights.

Pick and prepare your bouquet of lavender to take home with you, wrapped in a fine ribbon of your choice. Indulge in a fresh lavender dessert, along with a refreshing lavender- infused beverage on our covered veranda, which offers serene, scenic views of the nursery and Quinan River.

Explore the Inner Oaks Holistic Approach gift shop on-site, and see our lavender products. Custom dates are available throughout the month of July and into early August upon request for a minimum of two people.

This experience takes place on various days from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. by appointment only, throughout July and into early August, 2023. The cost of this experience is $42 pp +hst.

To register for one of the experiences
listed above to take place at Inner Oaks Holistic Approach Experiences in
Quinan, N.S. Please reach out on e-mail to laurastastes@gmail.com to
secure your spot
. Our experiences have limited space. Always a good idea to sign up early. 


As always - much gratitude! Be well. 

We can be reached at laurastastes@gmail.com
for inquires.


Thank you for joining us here in this space. 


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