Inner Oaks is hibernating for the fall and winter months, returning in the early Spring.

When our herbs start poking their foliage through mother earth, we will be up and going.

Thank you to all of our visitors in 2021, who took in an experience, culinary, lavender or wellness. Thank you to those of you who toured our nursery, and stepped inside our unique gift shop. It is now late fall and we have closed for the season, with the exception of last minute gifts at our gift shop. The gift shop will be closed on December 15th, reopening in April 2022.

We have already ordered our spring herbs they will be arriving in April of 2022, at that time they will be transplanted and nurtured and be available for purchase, along with our perennial herbs, including lavender that we nurtured through the winter months. More to come in 2022, with experiences, and our unique gift shop. Thank you - Laura Muise

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