Pass the fish bites please….

Did you know Carl’s Store in Tusket has fresh seafood. We often stop by to pick up fresh haddock, smoked haddock and scallops. We just love it when we are there and we see the packaged date is that day. It’s the next best thing to getting it fresh off of a boat. Big “Shout Out” to Carl’s Store.

As you know here at Inner Oaks Nursery we have a nice assortment of fresh potted herbs just waiting for you to stop by and have a look. We’re only 15 minutes inland from Carl’s Store in Quinan.

Tonight I’m featuring our lemon verbena, onion chives, lemon thyme and parsley. I used all four of these herbs in some tasty gluten free fish bites served with an all fresh herb tartar. Anything is possible when you have your top fresh herbs close by.

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We do ask that you reach out via email and set a time to come out as we are open by appointment only. Visit our Inner Oaks Face Book page and you will see our e-mail us link, at the top of the page.

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Located in Quinan, NS

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