Were in planning motion for our upcoming 2023 season.

Excitement is building. Now that a restful January has passed and February has arrived we are thinking about all the possibilities of this coming season

We have just experienced the coldest winter weather in a long time, with a wind chill of -40. A walk around the nursery shows me our herbs are doing what they do best in their dormant state, they are surviving by using very little of their energy. This winter continues to remain a time of rest for them. We could all learn so much from Mother Earth by watching the process of how plants evolve and flourish.

I’ve been thinking about upcoming experiences, and plan to have a calendar soon to share the dates. I only plan a few over the season, to leave room for groups of 6 to 8 to book private events. I have been attending marketing workshops and updating webpages, in hopes to stay current.
New this year: I have opened up three Inner Oaks guest rooms, all with a view of the river. I am pleased because now our guests who travel from away for our experiences will be able to stay overnight.
Having the guest rooms will also allow a new 24 hour Soul Boost experience. I’m being led to host an experience that offers a place to connect to oneself. Life can get busy, and in the mist of it all we forget about taking care of ourselves, so this experience will be designed personally for you and your needs. It will include physical activity, reflection time, journaling, intentions, affirmations and getting clear on what you would like to see for yourself going forward. Over-night stay and meals will be included.

As mentioned in my last blog in May we will offer two Herb Educational Culinary Experiences, if you missed out last year be sure and sign up early, dates will be announced in March. Also look for a new Lavender Experience it will take place this coming June, more educational and includes lavender inspired refreshments. You’ll be taking home a mature lavender plant which will be included. More to come on this. 

YES, a few more surprises as the year unfolds. Just a few more weeks and we will be prepping the greenhouse.

Inclosing, I would love for you to read an article that Adrian Brijbassi wrote in December of 2022. He is a brillant travel media writer from Vancouver, ( just one of the things he does) in which I had the honour of meeting when I hosted him, along with 7 other travel writers at Inner Oaks in June of 2022. In his article he shows our area as Soul Searching In the Poetic Acadian Shores. Wonderful deep thoughtful article. Here is the link so you too can read it. https://vacay.ca/2022/12/soul-searching-in-the-poetic-acadian-shores/

As always - much gratitude! Be well. 

Laura Muise

Proprietor of Inner Oaks. 

We can be reached at laurastastes@gmail.com
for inquires.


 Thank you for joining us here in this space. 


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