Tomato Coconut Sauce with Chick Peas

TOMATO COCONUT SAUCE with CHICK PEAS – gluten and dairy free. This dish makes an amazing dinner that everyone loves. It is smooth and creamy, and delicious over rice, rice noodles or simply with chick peas. I make it at least a few times a month, and every time I eat it, I say to myself, “ I need to make this more often”.

Start with a hot frying pan with olive oil, add in 1 medium onion, diced and sautéed until lightly browned, then add in 3 to 6 sm. garlic cloves, sauté again for two minutes, then add in the spices.

1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp coriander, 1 tsp sweet paprika, and if you like a little heat add in some red chili flakes, ½ tsp. Be sure and stir the mixture for a couple of minutes so the spices do not burn. If your low in your spice cabinet you can toss in some Garam Masala spice mixture, as it has a little bit of everything in there. I also add a hint of red curry paste, both can be found in your speciality section at the grocery store.

After the spices have absorbed in the onion mixture, add in 1 tbsp. of tomato paste, and a can of 796, ml of stewed tomatoes, La San Marzano, my favourite, I’m never without them. If you grow your own that’s even better. Continue to cook for 15 minutes. There should be enough juice from the can of tomatoes; however, if it’s a tad dry you can add a splash of broth. Cook on medium heat so the liquid doesn’t totally evaporate.

Once cooked then let the mixture cool and then place the sauce in your processor, or use a hand immersion blender. Once it is smooth, return it to the pot and add a can of coconut milk. ( I used an organic canned version) Season the sauce with salt and pepper.

Serve warm over rice, rice vermicelli noodles, or if you eat chicken place a piece of grilled chicken in the sauce and serve. Top up and garnish with chopped cilantro or parsley. Optional – stir in two cups of cooked chick peas or your favourite cooked legumes.

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