Laura dedicated herself to Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant, the place everyone wanted to eat, then she opened the Hatfield house, a boutique 60 seat restaurant, country fresh with age old shrubs that reminded you of your favourite grandma. Fresh cut flowers would welcome us upon arrival at our table to begin our culinary extravaganza that people had to reserve ahead for a sitting. Then she started Inner Oaks Holistic Approach in 2021, home to a huge covered verandah with cozy sitting areas. There is one thing I know for sure if Laura is involved it will be an experience for the five senses. Laura makes any place so relaxing yet so exquisite. Sitting on her verandah with the river flowing with in arms reach and views of the lavender fields, cobblestone walkways and grapevines, along with her herb nursery left us feeling like we were on holiday in some far away mystical place. The last event… Awe, we lingered long after our luncheon was served. - Audrey