I love mint everything….

I’ve shared this recipe here before but never with dried mint in the topping, it added a lovely taste.

On another note I thought I was in the Bahamas on a beach yesterday, as I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon at the somewhat hidden Carter’s Beach in Liverpool. Absolutely beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia.
Another beautiful Nova Scotian day - enjoy!!

We have a variety of MINT growing at Inner Oaks Nursery. Lately we have been drying it by picking stems, tying them together and hanging bundles upside down for one to two weeks to air dry. You can also dry the leaves in your oven on low or use a dehydrator. Dried leaves crumble and can be stored in an air tight jar for tea, along with adding it to recipes. Below see our recipe for mint rhubarb and strawberry squares.

Rhubarb and Strawberry Squares

Looking for fresh mint or other herbs? Our mint list includes Chocolate, Orange, Ginger, Indian, and Spearmint. Let’s not forget it’s Mojito season, another reason to have lots of mint growing in your back yard, a window box or a pot on your deck.

Visit us at Inner Oaks Nursery. We ask that you reach out via email and set a time to come out as we are open by appointment only. Visit our Inner Oaks Face Book page and you will see our e-mail us link, at the top of the page.

Thank you - hope to see you soon.

Located in Quinan, NS https://www.facebook.com/inneroaks/#inneroaksholisticapproachexperiences

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