Here at Inner Oaks we welcome December. It’s a time of rest and reflection.

2022 for us brought expansion, we met and connected with some pretty amazing customers/clients.

We hosted a group of TMAC travel writers, we offered a variety of tasty culinary experiences - we educated on caring for your herbs and drying techniques, we sold more fresh and dried herbs than our opening year in 2021, we used our NEW out of area over-night stay rooms, we hosted a thank you veranda party for a few of our loyal guests, and offered Christmas gift packs, which sold out quickly. It’s been a wonderful year. Thank you!

2023 is going to be a year of more growth. We will be starting earlier in the season offering all of the same - at the same time shifting our focus toward soul boosting events. This January look for a unique event for spiritual entrepreneurs- lunch and connect, keep an eye out as space will be limited. 

This coming May we will offer two herb educational culinary experiences, if you missed out last year be sure and sign up early, dates will be announced in March. 

A new Lavender experience takes place this coming June, educational and includes a lavender inspired luncheon. You’ll be taking home a mature lavender plant which will be included. More to come on this. 

A few more surprises as the year unfolds. 

We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and going into 2023 good health, happiness and connection to your inner peace. 

Much gratitude…. 

Laura Muise

Proprietor of inner Oaks. 

We can be reached at
for inquires.

 Thank you for joining us here in this space.

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