Did someone say chives?

Chives, onion or garlic, know how to tell the difference. Both of these perennial herbs look and taste similar. The significance difference is that garlic has a solid flat stems, and tastes more garlicky, while the onion is tubular with a hole in the middle. At Inner Oaks we have onion chives available, along with many other herbs.

Why I love chives - because they are versatile. Tonight I garnished sesame tuna, sashimi style, along with wasabi lobster sticky rice with diced onion chives. Not only does it taste good, it looks great as a garnish. I use chives in all my broths, soups, stirfrys, sushi rolls, salad dressings, rice wraps, marinates, meatloaf, stuffings, rice dishes, pasta dishes etc. The list is endless.

If you are a home cook everyone needs a patch of chives in their herb garden. They grow on their own each spring, and by late May they have adorable edible purple flowers that bloom. If you would like to visit us at Inner Oaks, stop by our Inner Oaks Face Book page and you will see our e-mail us link, along with up to date information on our herbs. We do ask that you reach out by email and set a time to come out, as we are open by appointment only.

Looking forward to welcoming you.

Thank you

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