Almond Milk

ALMOND MILK – dairy free alternative. I am known to have fresh almond milk in the fridge on a daily basis. Our friend Jamie comes out on the weekends for our almond lattes which we thoroughly enjoy on our covered deck.

Once you get used to using almond milk it’s very difficult to go back to dairy. I prefer making my own as I like to avoid stabilizers and preservatives that one can find in prepackaged options. By making my own I get a creamy version of almond milk. It’s delicious.

Take 2 cups of raw almonds with skins and soak them over-night in the fridge with 10 cups of cold filtered water. If you have forgot to do so 5 hours in warm water can do the trick.

The next morning drain the water and add in ten fresh cups of water and place in the blender. Process it to a smooth liquid. This only takes 5 minutes, no more.

I purchased a nut bag strainer that works wonders, as the next step is to strain the almond mixture thru a strainer. Be sure to squeeze out every drop of goodness. Then place the almond milk in a glass jar in the fridge, it keeps for up to a week or more in the fridge. Be sure to label and put the date on it.

Note. I save the almond paste in the strainer bag and use it as a scrub for my hands and face. It adds moisture into the skin and is the perfect exfoliator. It keeps in the fridge for up to a week.

Optional – If you like it sweet you can add in 6 dates when blending the almonds. I like to add in vanilla extract 2 tsps., and sometimes a hint of sea salt, but it’s not necessary.

Laura’s Tastes 2021


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